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"Crews" are what SAIL calls its small-group families. Each crew is comprised of two Directors who are "Crew Partners," an Executive Director to serve as a "Crew Liaison," and around eight sophomores. Within SAIL, organization-wide unity is very important and Crews help us achieve that. These groups are about half the size of a committee and are chosen at random, giving SAILors an opportunity to branch out and make friendships with directors and sophomores that are not in their committee.

Throughout the school year, Crews will have the opportunity to attend socials together, participate in Crew competitions, and bond closely through time spent outside of mandatory SAIL events


Donny & Alisha

Jocelyn & Austen

Danielle & Demi

Shaffer & Jensen

Mandy & Hunter

Axel & Lauren M.

Connor & Tara

Gabby & Nate

Lauren A. & Cole

Nicole & Matt