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SAIL has mandatory meetings twice a week. 


At General Meetings on Monday nights at 8:30, the entire organization comes together to work on leadership skills through various activities and guest speakers.

At Committee Meetings on Wednesday nights, sophomores are able to meet specifically with their committee to discuss upcoming events and bond as a group.


SAIL has a social event every week. Whether it is meeting up to play sand volleyball at the Rec. or studying at a coffee shop, socials are a great opportunity to get together outside of meetings! The Social committee coordinates the weekly social event.

The Strive committee also plans inter-committee socials to give sophomores the chance to meet people outside of their committee.


SAIL Lunch occurs twice a week at different locations on campus like the MSC basement or Sbisa Underground. The time, date and location is subject to change based on sophomore attendance and is determined by the Social committee. This is the perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat and socialize between classes!


Service is an important part of SAIL as a whole. In order to serve our community to the best of our ability, weekly and bi-weekly service events are planned by the Service committee. Some of our favorite events include visiting the Boys and Girls Club and volunteering at Howdy Farm!


Every Monday night, SAILors come together to eat dinner at a restaurant somewhere around BCS. This is a great time to get together and socialize before heading to our meeting! The Sync committee gets to choose the restaurant of the week. Sail Supper often coincides with profit shares to help raise money for our organization.


SAIL tries to have a profit share a few times a month to continually raise money for our organization. These are planned by the Sync committee and are perfect for encouraging people outside of our SLO to support SAIL!


Campus Outreach, planned by the Style committee, is a bi-weekly event where SAIL gets to impact the students at A&M. Find us around the MSC, Evans, or Zachry during this event to interact with SAIL and maybe even get a free popsicle or scantron while you are there!


The Weekly Loot is a fundraiser that occurs at every Monday night meeting! Each week, the Sync committee will have an item to raffle off. Sophomores are able to buy raffle tickets and the winner will be drawn at the end of the meeting!


Every semester, Strive is in charge of gathering sophomores to play intramurals. Whether it is ultimate, volleyball, or indoor soccer, intramurals are a great way to stay active and bond with fellow SAILors

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