Sophomores Advancing in Leadership (SAIL) is a sophomore leadership organization at Texas A&M University. SAIL gives sophomores the opportunity to gain leadership skills through organizing and implementing a variety of events within the organization as well as service events to better the Bryan/College Station area.


Established in 2001, SAIL has been focused on serving the community while creating a welcoming and family-oriented environment for our members ever since. It is the goal of SAIL to allow our sophomores to grow in leadership, confidence, and friendship during their time within the organization. 


Vision Statement: 

Sophomores Advancing in Leadership fosters an environment conducive to the development of sophomore Aggies in achieving their full leadership potential.

Mission Statement:

Through the guidance of an experienced staff, sophomores should take it upon themselves to become active leaders. Sophomores Advancing in Leadership emphasizes community involvement, social skills, scholastic achievement, and organizational opportunities to prepare sophomores to excel with leadership in their own future endeavors.


SAIL has multiple events that occur in both the fall and spring semester! Many of these are an opportunity to get together as a whole organization outside of our weekly events. 

Learn more about these below:

SAIL is separated into five committees, each with their own purpose and responsibilities.

To give sophomores an opportunity to get to know each-other outside of their committees, they are separated into small groups called "Crews."